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A few missing fish: US West Coast recreational and discarded catches

Small-scale fisheries can better support food security efforts in Arabian Sea countries

Dirk Zeller talks about conservation vs. blue economic growth in Western Australia

Strengthening food security through fisheries

Highlights of the global Sea Around Us partnership in 2020​

Fish and invertebrate populations in steep declines worldwide

Fisheries catch and revenue trends in African Large Marine Ecosystems

Seychelles, a baseline for a Blue Economy

Hidden value in Honduras’ artisanal fisheries

Rashid Sumaila at UWA

FAO and the Sea Around Us agree

Fishers loose millions of dollars each year and don’t know it

How to keep slave-caught seafood off your plate

Modern slavery promotes overfishing

Industrial fisheries expansion

High seas profitability questioned

Marine fishing gears: Global use

Climate change impacts in Persian Gulf

How do catch reconstructions work?

Government of Thailand shares information with Sea Around Us

Thailand under-reports fisheries catches

‘Presentist’ bias: How seemingly innocent data mistakes can lead to globally misleading fisheries statistics

Documentary film ‘An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch‘ now available for free viewing

Somali fisheries urgently need better data

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