Study with the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean

Study with the Sea Around Us - Indian Ocean

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Tertiary students interested in fisheries science are encouraged to learn about the various programs available with the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Information on these programs are now available in the “Study with us” section on the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean website.

In Study with us, users can also learn about the recently-created “BIOL3305 Fisheries Science” course, which is taught in the third year of the undergraduate programs by Prof Dirk Zeller, Director of the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean at UWA.

“BIOL3305 provides students with a grounding in the foundations of fisheries science, and examines methods and principles of fisheries science for both large-scale and small-scale fisheries around the world,” Zeller said.

High-achieving students looking to fast-track their academic journey have the option to apply for the four-year combined bachelor’s and master’s program. This program still allows them to join the BIOL3305 class.

The separate honour’s or master’s degrees, on the other hand, introduces students to the world of research through an independent but professionally supervised research project, in combination with advanced coursework.

Finally, applicants interested in pursuing doctoral studies conducting ‘big-data’ and meta-analysis research on fisheries and fisheries conservation issues at the ocean-basin and global scale are encouraged to connect with Prof Zeller and apply for a PhD Scholarship at UWA.

More detailed information can be found in the Study with us page on the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean website

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