Aidan Schubert

Masters Student
Sea Around Us –Indian Ocean
School of Biological Sciences
University of Western Australia (UWA)
MSc title: Rebuilding Kenya’s freshwater fisheries catch datasets: 1950-2017

Born and raised in Perth, the marine environment was always accessible to me, and it was time spent in the ocean from an early age that fostered in me an interest and passion for marine sciences. During the completion of my Bachelor of Marine and Environmental Science at UWA, I spent a semester abroad at the University of Ottawa, and the following two years living and working in Canada. This experience, which involved several volunteering roles and marine science and outdoor education positions, deepened my interest in marine sciences. It also led me to commence a Masters in Biological Sciences at UWA upon returning to Perth in 2019. Fishing and fisheries have always been a keen interest of mine due to their far reaching environmental, social and economic impacts. As part of the global big-data science endeavour of the Sea Around Us – IO, I will be examining the inland (freshwater) fisheries of Kenya as my research topic, which represents the first major inroad into non-marine fisheries for the Sea Around Us – IO.

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