Matthew Ansell

Masters Student
Sea Around Us –Indian Ocean
School of Biological Sciences
University of Western Australia (UWA)

MSc title: Marine fisheries catches for mainland India from 1950 – 2018

Matt was born in North West Australia and developed a keen interest in marine ecosystems, traveling along the coastline from a young age. Matt completed his BSc in Zoology and Marine Science at UWA in mid-2016 and after completing his BSc, Matt helped with morphological identification of seabed samples as a research assistant at UWA and volunteered on several research projects on Rottnest Island. In 2019, Matt began his Masters of Biological Science (Marine Science) with the Sea Around Us – IO, where his research focuses on updating and improving the maritime fisheries catch reconstruction for India’s Mainland EEZ. His work aims to improve our understanding of these fisheries throughout time to inform effective management and potential food security issues.

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