Vania Andreoli

PhD Candidate
Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean
School of Biological Sciences
University of Western Australia (UWA)

PhD title: The sustainability of global seafood trade in a nutritional context

Vania is originally from Italy, where she completed her Master in Environmental Economics and Policy at the University of Turin, leading to Andreoli et al. (2021) Drivers of protein consumption: A cross-country analysis. Sustainability 13(13): 7399. Since Vania moved to Australia and has lived near the ocean, she has developed an interest in fisheries economics and marine resources management. She engaged with the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean as a volunteer and research assistant, contributing her economic knowledge to an evaluation of fisheries in South East Asia.

Vania is undertaking her PhD research starting in late 2021. Her PhD project on “the sustainability of seafood trade in a nutritional context” will harmonise and analyse various large-scale ecological and economic databases to provide a better understanding of the flow of nutrients around the world from the catch and trade of different fish. This will be done by synthesizing data on the complex global seafood trade network with taxon-specific nutritional values and global catches. The aim of this project is to develop a better understanding of the role of seafood production towards present and future food and nutrient security. This information will help balance the conservation of marine resources and ecosystems with the need and demand for nutrient security and food supply.

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